Track Your Vehicles Using GPS Tracking Devices

It is safe to say that automobile thieves are finding it more and more difficult to steal a vehicle, any type of vehicle, and get away with it. The reason for this is because of GPS tracking devices. A GPS stands for global positioning system, and it is an equipment that uses the service of specially located satellites that can find a point anywhere on planet earth. It does this by decoding the signals sent by the satellites and finally displays this code on a small LCD screen. Needless to say, this technology is a huge breakthrough for the navigation world.

It is not only for navigation that the GPS can be used. A GPS can be modified so that it will act as a tracking device, which will emit signals and you will be able to track these signals and pinpoint the location of the device. Not surprisingly this technology can be used for security related purposes also. Now one can put one of these devices in a car, truck, motorcycle, cell phone, a child or even your pet such as a dog. If any one of these have GPS based tracking on them, it will make it much easier to locate them.

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that this is a huge improvement on security. It is almost like being God, now you will be able to see where your possession is located. With this technology it is virtually impossible for somebody to steal a vehicle and get away with it. At regular intervals, a GPS tracking device will keep you informed of the whereabouts of your vehicle. This little technology alone has dramatically reduced the amount of car theft.

There are 3 different types of GPS trackers. They are the Data pushers, Data loggers and Data pullers. The Data pusher is the one that is most used by security purposes. This device “pushes” or sends its position to a server in intervals for analysis of the data sent. A data logger will store info in its internal memory. This info will be the devices current location. It will have either a memory card slot or internal flash memory. It will also have a USB port, where information can be downloaded. Data pullers will have the GPS vehicle tracking device always on “on” mode. This means the data can be quarried at any time. Data pullers are not used as much as the other 2 devices.

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