Increase in kidnapping cases in US

In the past 18 years, there’s been a drastic increase in child kidnapping of about 500% since 1988; in the United States. Most of the children who have gone missing are between the ages of 4 and 11 years of age; and 74% are girls. More than 2,000 reports are made to the FBI for missing children. The Vanished Children’s Alliance, says that every 40 seconds a child is kidnapped or disappears in the United States. Statistics in America indicate that children being kidnapped around preschool age is relatively low, and increases through elementary age, and increase more around the age of 15; but teen age girls are considered to be the most vulnerable to being abducted.

These statistics also show that 24% of kidnapping cases are “stranger-kidnappings,” 49% are family kidnappings, and 27% are acquaintance kidnappings. In Miami Herald, the National Center for missing and exploited children reports that between 3,000 and 5,000 child abductions are by non-family members each year, and most are sexually motivated; 200 to 300 cases involve murder. Unidentified bodies found in the United States; 42% are found in California with only having a 12% population rate. There were 119,237 cases of missing children in 2000 and are classified as “endangered” meaning “missing and in the company of another person under circumstances indicating that his or her physical safety is in danger.” In this same year 28,765 cases of children were “involuntary,” meaning “missing under circumstances indicating that the disappearance was not voluntary.” These are scary facts but sadly true in the United States. That is why so many people are seeking protection for their little ones; by hiring bodyguards, private security, or APP Security Company to help ensure their safety.

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