High Risk Courier Services Transport Irreplaceable Articles

Courier services run the gamut from the huge leviathans that are the UPS and Fed-ex, all the way to a small bicycle using courier service that only performs work inside a particular city’s limits. There is one sub-set of courier companies that is held apart from the typical package delivery market. These are known as high risk courier services.

A high risk courier service is a company dedicated to guarding and protecting valuable or extraordinarily sensitive items. These items can range from simple pick-up and delivery of money from a series of ATM’s outside of a bank all the way up to military grade hardware or documents on high end technology. No typical run-of-the-mill courier service can handle the risks of such a package delivery. This is where high risk courier services come onto the scene.

A high risk courier service needs to have several items going for it that a standard delivery service does not. They need to have dedicated personnel that are trained specifically to handle sensitive or valuable material. These couriers will have insurance that covers any eventuality from theft to damage due to accidents in transit. These courier services may even need to have armed guards for their delivery purposes due to the fact that many would-be criminals will see a truck or train load of such valuable cargo as being too good to pass up on.

Courier services that specialize in high risk deliveries are very professional about their work and do not come cheap. These reasons are caused by the nature of the service they perform as well as the equipment requirements and training necessary for the job. Many courier services that provide security on very high risk delivery assignments will have security agents that are armed and wear body armor. The legal requirements and accountability for fielding armed security forces to deliver a package are quite extensive. However, without a fire arm anyone delivering jewelry or money will be nothing but a target for any would-be thieves.

All high risk courier services that operate appropriately will have equipment and personnel tailored to their particular delivery assignments. They will also have a clear and precise set of legal documents to be signed in regards to the delivery which cite exactly what the limits of their liability are. Given the dangers of transporting valuable or sensitive items across the world there is little doubt that it is a superior business practice to hire a high risk transport service instead of simply boxing the items up and placing a stamp on them.

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