Facing The Challenge Of Church Security

A house of worship is most often thought of as a sanctuary where individuals are free to be able to practice their beliefs in a safe and secure environment. However, the religious sanctum of our society’s churches has become threatened in recent times. With the escalating concern for security in our nations churches, the hopes for setting forth a plan and solution to ensure public safety has been increasingly difficult to pursue.

Waging a covenant practice of church security is high on the list of priorities worshipers want to enlist. Many church goers and concerned citizens are becoming more proactive in their attempts to bring a halt to the recent dangers in our churches. With good reason, many people feel this is not a time to be complacent. Violence and crime committed within the church has become too commonplace.

As a collective effort, it’s possible to restore safety within the ministry and restore our peace of mind and faith. The wheels have already been set into motion across the country, as high-tech security cameras and security staff trained in diverse techniques are integrated throughout the system. The question remains however: is this enough to ensure our safety, and what else can be implemented to a higher level of precaution?

Education classes are one way to get the word out among concerned citizens, young and old. Consult with your local ministry to learn what you can do to help. The enlistment of more forces, such as certified trained security officers who will volunteer their services, would be a definite advantage as well.

Unfortunately, the installation of surveillance cameras and advanced security equipment takes more than manpower, it takes money. Organizing a fundraiser within the community for this cause can help to raise the necessary costs. There are endless ways to raise money, such as bake-off sales and community yard sales.

In this mission to deter criminal intent, diligence and commitment are an essential factor. These deplorable acts of crime necessitates action on each and every one of us. As a joint effort we can thwart this ongoing problem and get back to worshiping in the harmonious environment it is meant to be.

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