Close Protection Security For Public Personalities

Close protection security, an industry that is constantly improving, needs more professionals who are or can be trained to manage emergencies. There are situations in today’s world that require the protection of many persons including those in public service and others who are well known public personalities.

Close protection agents, also known as body guards, are primarily responsible for crisis management and assessment. They are specially trained in the mental and physical fitness required to follow or stay close to their clients and protect them, as well as to prevent threats against them. These agents also defend and avert other threats against security breaches or loss of personal or important information.

The primary constituent in close protection is crisis management which may be needed to control situations that have or may deteriorate because of criminal involvement. This type emergency situation demands that the agent immediately get involved in the circumstances without having to wait for orders or permission from superiors and without at any time compromising the client’s security.

There are many job requirements for persons applying to be close protect agents. There are some applicants who have previous experience in police or other security forces or in the armed services and they are preferred, however with the increasing demand for their services close protection companies are hiring and training other suitable candidates. The skills these companies are looking for include the interpersonal and communication skills required to work closely with their clients and other agents. Close protection work also requires mental fitness on the same level as physical fitness enabling agents to act or re-act immediately to an ongoing emergency. They must be able to remain calm and think through the next critical step needed for the protection of their client. Another vital quality for agents is the emotional stability required as they face a possible or actual threat to their own safety or that of their co-workers.

Close protection agents must follow their clients night or day, time constraints do not exist which is why security agencies appoint several agents to work around the clock in rotating time shifts. Agents also travel with the client be in it cars, buses, trains or flights and they must also carry a driver’s license in case of need.

It is also very important that the close protection agent always respect the confidentiality of the person with whom she or he is working.

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