Canine Services – Using Them Makes Sense

Why Canine Services

When it comes to ensuring that health and safety issues are supported in the workplace, public and private venues, schools, and private residences, there are options available. One of those security options is canine services.

Canine services have trained dogs available to find and identify illegal contraband. Contraband can be narcotics, firearms, fireworks and alcoholic beverages. The use of detection canines is intended to provide a further deterrent to the possession, use, or sale of contraband. Canines can provide a cost effective method to protect your interests in supporting safety issues.

Contraband exists in all facets of our lives. That is just a fact. Canine services provides educators and employers a tool to proactively minimize the potential of having dangerous and illicit contraband on property where children or employees are present. Using canines can deter substance abuse in schools and in the workplace and allow educators and employers to take action again those who decide to ignore drug-free policies and the law by having possession, using, or selling contraband. With the escalating violence seen in our schools, using highly trained dogs to ensure safety is a very cost effective method.

Are The Canines Safe

Yes, all canines used for security services are social creatures and professionally adaptable. They are trained for all environments possible and are comfortable among people. The dogs will not pose danger to any employees or patrons. Their health and dispositions are constantly being evaluated and monitored by their trainers and veterinarians.

Where Canine Services May Be Used

Canine services can be utilized in many sectors of business, education, and public fields. Schools commonly use dogs as a way to identify contraband that should not be on school grounds for safety and health reasons. Businesses utilize canines as an approach that is non invasive, yet can act as a deterrent when employees see inspections being made on a random basis.

The maritime and aviation sectors have been using trained canines for some time now. Checkpoints can be set up quickly so that water and air transportation can be made more safe for the traveling public as well as those who are employed in those sectors.

Private residences are seeing a rising need for the use of canine services. Residence owners can enjoy the knowledge that their property is safe and that their liability is limited through random searches with the use of canine services.

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