Increase in kidnapping cases in US

In the past 18 years, there’s been a drastic increase in child kidnapping of about 500% since 1988; in the United States. Most of the children who have gone missing are between the ages of 4 and 11 years of age; and 74% are girls. More than 2,000 reports are made to the FBI for missing children. The Vanished Children’s Alliance, says that every 40 seconds a child is kidnapped or disappears in the United States. Statistics in America indicate that children being kidnapped around preschool age is relatively low, and increases through elementary age, and increase more around the age of 15; but teen age girls are considered to be the most vulnerable to being abducted.

These statistics also show that 24% of kidnapping cases are “stranger-kidnappings,” 49% are family kidnappings, and 27% are acquaintance kidnappings. In Miami Herald, the National Center for missing and exploited children reports that between 3,000 and 5,000 child abductions are by non-family members each year, and most are sexually motivated; 200 to 300 cases involve murder. Unidentified bodies found in the United States; 42% are found in California with only having a 12% population rate. There were 119,237 cases of missing children in 2000 and are classified as “endangered” meaning “missing and in the company of another person under circumstances indicating that his or her physical safety is in danger.” In this same year 28,765 cases of children were “involuntary,” meaning “missing under circumstances indicating that the disappearance was not voluntary.” These are scary facts but sadly true in the United States. That is why so many people are seeking protection for their little ones; by hiring bodyguards, private security, or APP Security Company to help ensure their safety.

APP is about eliminating danger, not comfort. Run your business and live your life with an unrestricted sense of peace. APP has provided close protection security to multibillion dollar corporations, entertainers and high networth individuals. Our highly experienced guard members provide our clients with the highest possible level of security. International travel, social activities and busy corporate itineraries are met with an invisible blanket of protection that is not intrusive to any company or client. When you decide to put your safety in our hands keep in mind that we carefully select only the highest standart of security professionals with former military or government agency experience.

Simple Steps For A Safer Hotel Stay

When staying in a hotel room you must take some precautions to ensure your safety. Below are some important safeguards to think about while staying away from home.

The higher the floor the safer you are from crime. High-rise buildings usually have fewer access points and therefore is easier for hotel staff to monitor. The down side to higher floors is in the case of a fire you are actually safer in lower floors. This is something you must weigh and make your choice based on your personal feelings.

Upon first checking in you should quickly check the closets, under the bed and the bathroom. Although rare it has happened that someone is hiding in a hotel room. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Hotel rooms should have solid core wood or metal doors for the most protection. Rooms must have a deadbolt lock, do not stay a hotel not offering a deadbolt. Doors should also have a peep-hole so you can see out into the hallway. Do not open your door for someone you do not know. If someone is unexpectedly at your door claiming to be hotel staff always call the front desk for verification before opening the door. Make sure sliding doors and all windows are locked. Even if you are on a higher floor I suggest you keep your sliding doors closed and locked at night if someone could possibly climb from one hotel balcony to the next.

When you are going to be out of your room you should also take some precautions to deter someone from breaking into your room. Place the Do Not Disturb sign on the doorknob while you are away. Also turn on the TV or radio just loud enough so that someone outside the door could here it. If you must cross the parking lot at night ask the hotel staff for an escort to your car.

Always keep your guard up and be alert. If for some reason you do not feel safe in your room contact hotel management and discuss the issue with them. I hope you have a safe and enjoyable hotel stay! Hotel Security is provided by elite armed security companies.

The Importance of Implementing Bank Security Procedures

Bank security is important for a number of reasons; one of those reasons include protecting clients and the bank from fraudulent behavior such as counterfeit money, check fraud, money laundering and much more. Other levels of security includes the level of training within the internal staff. Before being employed, staff members usually go through extensive background checks including criminal and credit checks. Most employers must be fingerprinted and photographed (depending on the state). Since many American corporations face the chances of losing over $250 billion with intellectual property theft alone, it is essential that bank security procedures are carried out to the fullest extent.

With the increase of identity fraud and other fraudulent acts, national bank regulators have recently upgraded several of the security processes and controls. The Gramm-Leach Bliley Act bill was passed by Congress so regulators could establish strict security standards for certain institutions. This is to protect the customer’s privacy and personal information. Despite this new bill being introduced to the public, there are still many problems that exist within the financial institutions. These institutions are getting stricter with hiring information security offices, managers and employees for monetary support.

There are many ways to increase bank security such as; understanding information assets, deterrence, recognizing the importance for security, establishing security policies and procedures, ensuring expertise availability and aggressively engaging in awareness.

There are multiple methods to increasing expertise when planning business strategies with a financial institution. If an idea is implemented ’such as starting a program on the Internet’, a team of highly skilled professionals should have a meeting as to the best ways to set long-term security for the project. If a company is unable to develop this type of talent, there are other alternatives, such as seeking the services of a consultant. Consultants are skilled at avoiding security risk and designing efficient security systems.

Policies and procedures should be established and updated on a regular basis. These policies must be comprehensive to the public and the employees of the financial institution. Security policies should be easily understood with expectations from the team members of the financial corporation. The policy should also establish some form of accountability related to customer and employee behavior. Many financial institutions neglect the establishment of an effective security program which can increase criminal behavior from insiders and outsiders. Deterrence should also be noted by calculating the probability of penalties imposed if a criminal is caught. If the penalties will be higher than the value of the assets, this increases the chances of the bank being attacked. This is why implementing effective bank security procedures is important and essential to the success of a financial institution.

Facing The Challenge Of Church Security

A house of worship is most often thought of as a sanctuary where individuals are free to be able to practice their beliefs in a safe and secure environment. However, the religious sanctum of our society’s churches has become threatened in recent times. With the escalating concern for security in our nations churches, the hopes for setting forth a plan and solution to ensure public safety has been increasingly difficult to pursue.

Waging a covenant practice of church security is high on the list of priorities worshipers want to enlist. Many church goers and concerned citizens are becoming more proactive in their attempts to bring a halt to the recent dangers in our churches. With good reason, many people feel this is not a time to be complacent. Violence and crime committed within the church has become too commonplace.

As a collective effort, it’s possible to restore safety within the ministry and restore our peace of mind and faith. The wheels have already been set into motion across the country, as high-tech security cameras and security staff trained in diverse techniques are integrated throughout the system. The question remains however: is this enough to ensure our safety, and what else can be implemented to a higher level of precaution?

Education classes are one way to get the word out among concerned citizens, young and old. Consult with your local ministry to learn what you can do to help. The enlistment of more forces, such as certified trained security officers who will volunteer their services, would be a definite advantage as well.

Unfortunately, the installation of surveillance cameras and advanced security equipment takes more than manpower, it takes money. Organizing a fundraiser within the community for this cause can help to raise the necessary costs. There are endless ways to raise money, such as bake-off sales and community yard sales.

In this mission to deter criminal intent, diligence and commitment are an essential factor. These deplorable acts of crime necessitates action on each and every one of us. As a joint effort we can thwart this ongoing problem and get back to worshiping in the harmonious environment it is meant to be.

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Track Your Vehicles Using GPS Tracking Devices

It is safe to say that automobile thieves are finding it more and more difficult to steal a vehicle, any type of vehicle, and get away with it. The reason for this is because of GPS tracking devices. A GPS stands for global positioning system, and it is an equipment that uses the service of specially located satellites that can find a point anywhere on planet earth. It does this by decoding the signals sent by the satellites and finally displays this code on a small LCD screen. Needless to say, this technology is a huge breakthrough for the navigation world.

It is not only for navigation that the GPS can be used. A GPS can be modified so that it will act as a tracking device, which will emit signals and you will be able to track these signals and pinpoint the location of the device. Not surprisingly this technology can be used for security related purposes also. Now one can put one of these devices in a car, truck, motorcycle, cell phone, a child or even your pet such as a dog. If any one of these have GPS based tracking on them, it will make it much easier to locate them.

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that this is a huge improvement on security. It is almost like being God, now you will be able to see where your possession is located. With this technology it is virtually impossible for somebody to steal a vehicle and get away with it. At regular intervals, a GPS tracking device will keep you informed of the whereabouts of your vehicle. This little technology alone has dramatically reduced the amount of car theft.

There are 3 different types of GPS trackers. They are the Data pushers, Data loggers and Data pullers. The Data pusher is the one that is most used by security purposes. This device “pushes” or sends its position to a server in intervals for analysis of the data sent. A data logger will store info in its internal memory. This info will be the devices current location. It will have either a memory card slot or internal flash memory. It will also have a USB port, where information can be downloaded. Data pullers will have the GPS vehicle tracking device always on “on” mode. This means the data can be quarried at any time. Data pullers are not used as much as the other 2 devices.

Hire A Mystery Shopper To Evaluate Your Business

Have you ever wanted to be a “Mystery Shopper?”

A mystery shopper is generally hired by a retailer to pose as a regular consumer. The mystery shopper will perform specific duties–such as purchasing a product or service, asking questions, filing complaints, or perform in different ways a regular customer might act. The ultimate goal of the mystery shopper is to gather information of the whole shopping experience and then report that information back to their employer. Mystery shopping is not a new practice. It has been a form of retail strategy since the early 1940’s–trying to register employee conduct and customer service. Many mystery shoppers have even been known to carry audio and video recording devices to document their findings. Some of these can be seen on local TV. news shows, where retail investigations are being performed–especially if the store or organization has been receiving multiple complaints.

Mystery shoppers often frequent malls, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, gas stations, banks, car dealerships, health clubs, movie theatres, and non-profit organizations. Retailers face huge pressure and competition in today’s economy. The success of their business or organization ultimately depends on satisfied customers. Security corporations are a common answer to finding qualified mystery shoppers. Mystery shoppers must be trained and dependable.

Services that are commonly offered to retailers are: customer perception polling, e-surveys, product testing, competitor evaluations, customer exit interviews, age restriction testing (alcohol and tobacco), vendor merchandising standards, brand protection, and on-site evaluations. Mystery shoppers are able to perform these various missions to also determine employee integrity, employee training issues, and competitor trends. Security companies guarantee confidential service and essential professionalism.

Benefits for the retailer, by using the services of a mystery shopper, can be critical and rewarding. By conducting mystery shopper investigations, the retailer can utilize the results to train employees better and more effectively. A retailer can motivate and reward employees according to the mystery shopper’s findings. A store manager or owner can only be at the store so many hours and in so many locations at one time. A mystery shopper–a powerful tool– allows strategic management and planning for the future–all for the betterment of the business or organization.

Video Surveillance Secures Your Business

Video surveillance is used today for security as well as to capture criminals. In some instances Private Investigators as well as criminal Investigators use video surveillance to capture criminals. With the crime rate at a high this day and time, retailers are using video surveillance to capture shoplifters. Sometimes cops may request surveillance videos from retailers in an effort to capture robbers, and other criminal activities as well.

There are many different types of video surveillance available today depending on the intended use. Even elementary school bus drivers are relying on video surveillance to capture children misbehaving; bus drivers cannot watch every move the children are making while getting the children to their intended destination safely. The type of system that you choose would depend upon the amount that the system would cost.

There is even a dummy video surveillance camera for those that would prefer to fool robbers into thinking that they have video security installed; and there’s the more technically advanced surveillance which can be quite costly. Systems using IP protocol (Internet Protocol) cameras are easy to install, and then there are the new network cameras now available.

There are such a wide array of systems to choose from such as the IP cameras, wireless IP cameras, and the HDTV camera. Security professionals can offer a lot of informative information on the current technological equipment available for your specific needs. There are systems that offer as little as three cameras, and then there’s systems that offer 5 and more cameras; which gives you the benefit of securing a larger area.

The outdoor infrared turret dome security camera are great for outdoors because there are tough enough to withstand harsh weather conditions; this camera offers a Sony chip-set that provides 420 lines of resolution with a 50 foot IR range. The turret dome camera also offers a 3.6mm lens with an 80 degree field view, and these systems are easy to install.

The turret dome is not just for the outdoor; this camera is also for indoors as well. This camera is so versatile that it can be adjusted to point just about anywhere, and it also has an auto activating infrared feature. Though this is only one of the many video surveillance systems available on the market today. Once you have had the opportunity to view some of the systems available, a sales professional can help you choose the right one for you.

APP provides elite security, security Oklahoma or security Tulsa, APP operates in all 50 states. Security guards companies and personal security companies like APP provide the right security solutions for all needs.

Canine Services – Using Them Makes Sense

Why Canine Services

When it comes to ensuring that health and safety issues are supported in the workplace, public and private venues, schools, and private residences, there are options available. One of those security options is canine services.

Canine services have trained dogs available to find and identify illegal contraband. Contraband can be narcotics, firearms, fireworks and alcoholic beverages. The use of detection canines is intended to provide a further deterrent to the possession, use, or sale of contraband. Canines can provide a cost effective method to protect your interests in supporting safety issues.

Contraband exists in all facets of our lives. That is just a fact. Canine services provides educators and employers a tool to proactively minimize the potential of having dangerous and illicit contraband on property where children or employees are present. Using canines can deter substance abuse in schools and in the workplace and allow educators and employers to take action again those who decide to ignore drug-free policies and the law by having possession, using, or selling contraband. With the escalating violence seen in our schools, using highly trained dogs to ensure safety is a very cost effective method.

Are The Canines Safe

Yes, all canines used for security services are social creatures and professionally adaptable. They are trained for all environments possible and are comfortable among people. The dogs will not pose danger to any employees or patrons. Their health and dispositions are constantly being evaluated and monitored by their trainers and veterinarians.

Where Canine Services May Be Used

Canine services can be utilized in many sectors of business, education, and public fields. Schools commonly use dogs as a way to identify contraband that should not be on school grounds for safety and health reasons. Businesses utilize canines as an approach that is non invasive, yet can act as a deterrent when employees see inspections being made on a random basis.

The maritime and aviation sectors have been using trained canines for some time now. Checkpoints can be set up quickly so that water and air transportation can be made more safe for the traveling public as well as those who are employed in those sectors.

Private residences are seeing a rising need for the use of canine services. Residence owners can enjoy the knowledge that their property is safe and that their liability is limited through random searches with the use of canine services.

APP provides elite security, security Oklahoma or security Tulsa, APP operates in all 50 states. Security guards companies and personal security companies like APP provide the right security solutions for all needs.

Use A High Risk Transporter To Transport Valuables

A high-risk transporter, also called a high-risk courier, is commissioned by an individual, or by a company, to take an extremely valuable or irreplaceable object from one location to another, whether in state, in country, or to another country entirely. (Another usage of the term high-risk transporter is for those individuals who transport criminals from one location to another – therefore the term courier is probably a better use.)

When transporting a fragile object, the client will typically have a custom-made case for that object which is used. However, if the client is without such a case, the high-risk courier has a supply of such cases, in a variety of sizes, which can be filled with made-to-order insulation to ensure that the object rests within the case safely and securely.

High-risk couriers are typically part of a larger firm that engages in security and risk management. Not only do they provide courier services, but also property and asset protection, personal and event security, and security for business sites.

Businesses which use high-risk couriers will typically send these individuals to training classes where they will learn all aspects of the craft – for it is a craft. High-risk couriers maintain a low profile while being aware of their surroundings at all times. For the most valuable of objects, there may be more than one courier involved, to ensure absolute safety for the object.

High-risk couriers should also be able to speak several languages, so that they may be at home in any country in which they find themselves. They must also know the culture and mores of the countries that they visit, in order to keep that low profile.

When choosing a high risk transporter company to safely transport high-risk valuables, the client must do his or her research thoroughly. High Risk Courier Services Companies that do not have several years of experience should not be considered. Companies must also be fully insured and bonded to ensure that they have the professionalism required to care for the most valuable of objects, and that their own employees can be completely trusted.

When commissioning a high-risk courier, it is the responsibility of the client to inform the courier’s superiors exactly what is being carried, how intrinsically hazardous it is (if it is hazardous) and any particular care that needs to be taken with the property. The courier, then, is fully able to discharge his or her duties in a professional manner.

APP provides elite security, security Oklahoma or security Tulsa, APP operates in all 50 states. Armed security companies like APP provide the right security solutions for all your needs.

Close Protection Security For Public Personalities

Close protection security, an industry that is constantly improving, needs more professionals who are or can be trained to manage emergencies. There are situations in today’s world that require the protection of many persons including those in public service and others who are well known public personalities.

Close protection agents, also known as body guards, are primarily responsible for crisis management and assessment. They are specially trained in the mental and physical fitness required to follow or stay close to their clients and protect them, as well as to prevent threats against them. These agents also defend and avert other threats against security breaches or loss of personal or important information.

The primary constituent in close protection is crisis management which may be needed to control situations that have or may deteriorate because of criminal involvement. This type emergency situation demands that the agent immediately get involved in the circumstances without having to wait for orders or permission from superiors and without at any time compromising the client’s security.

There are many job requirements for persons applying to be close protect agents. There are some applicants who have previous experience in police or other security forces or in the armed services and they are preferred, however with the increasing demand for their services close protection companies are hiring and training other suitable candidates. The skills these companies are looking for include the interpersonal and communication skills required to work closely with their clients and other agents. Close protection work also requires mental fitness on the same level as physical fitness enabling agents to act or re-act immediately to an ongoing emergency. They must be able to remain calm and think through the next critical step needed for the protection of their client. Another vital quality for agents is the emotional stability required as they face a possible or actual threat to their own safety or that of their co-workers.

Close protection agents must follow their clients night or day, time constraints do not exist which is why security agencies appoint several agents to work around the clock in rotating time shifts. Agents also travel with the client be in it cars, buses, trains or flights and they must also carry a driver’s license in case of need.

It is also very important that the close protection agent always respect the confidentiality of the person with whom she or he is working.